What Has NARM-GH Achieved?

Through advocacy we successfully made a case for expansion of grading system for midwives which ended at Midwifery Superintendent to the present Principal Midwifery Officer level.
We successfully partnered the Human Resource Directorate of the Ghana Health Service to revise job descriptions for public sector midwives to make provision for the expanded role of the midwife in the health delivery industry and also to align the existing grading system with other professions.

Reasons why you must join NARM-GH.

This association was formed by Midwives and for midwives. It is therefore the only Association that is committed to the course of midwives.
Whatever benefits that come as a result of efforts by NARM-Gh is enjoyed by all midwives. Being a member of the association will therefore make it stronger to negotiate for more.
The saying that “you are the master of your destiny” is relevant to all aspect of life. If you believe that midwifery is a separate and distinct profession from Nursing and you want it to be recognized and accorded the needed respect and recognition, join NARM-GH. Do not accept to be a subset of another profession.

What are we seeking to do in addition?

⁌ Retirement Income Security: NARM-GH is aware of what midwives go through during retirement. It is a common knowledge that what SSNIT gives retired midwives is not enough to sustain them during their inactive periods. Therefore, to ensure that members receive a lump sum of money on the day of retirement, discussions have been concluded and arrangements are far advanced to commence a PROVIDENT FUND into which contributions deducted from salaries of members will be invested at the end of each month. Even though NARM-Gh currently pay members their welfare contributions on retirement, monies paid are not substantial and it is hoped that with the coming into force of this provident fund, members will receive substantial lump sum payment on retirement.
⁌ Continuous Professional Development of Midwives: NARM-GH identifies limited opportunities available midwives to develop themselves and take up leadership roles as one of the main issues affecting the midwifery profession. Until recently, the midwife was a “nobody”. However, after consistent efforts midwifery is gaining recognition. To consolidate this feat, the Association will from 2019 commence rolling-out Continuous Professional Development (CPD) programmes. The programme will touch on all relevant areas of midwifery, General Administration as well as medico-legal related issues. Highly trained and experienced Resource Persons will facilitate this important programme. Already, the Association has secured accreditation from NMC to run the programme in all regional centres. With these, the CPD programmes are expected to be the best of all programmes currently being run by other entities.

National Executives [NARM-GH]

Mary Ofosu


Jonathan Yelfaari

Vice President

Vivian Kumordzi


Rosetta Ntiriwaa Boakye


Doris Abban

Industrial Relations Officer

Harrison K Ampaabeng

General Secretary

Veronica Boateng Amankwaa

Deputy General Secretary